The End of May

I had hoped to accomplish more sewing this week but I ended up spending most of my so-called free time (indeed, what is free time when one has six children?) learning more about computers, modems, routers, networks and drivers than I ever wanted to know.

For the first time in over a year I have the opportunity to get home internet again. (This is the main reason I haven't blogged much. Because there are limitations regarding how much one wants to utilize the crappy blogger app on a smartphone to manufacture blog posts.) But, all week there has been a string of issues to work thru. First with the cable, then with the modem, then the router I purchased in a desperate attempt to fix my internet connection, then with my baffled frustration when upon opening up the side of my computer I faced a rather dusty complex metallic mystery and tried to locate something called a network card.

I believe its a driver issue. I need a break from it over the weekend. Then next week I am determined I SHALL triumph and finally have internet again!

I did make two new bonnets. I sell these, so they aren't for me but hey, I sewed. And I washed fabric for a cool regency gown as well as many yards of white cotton for 1860's underpinnings.

This is a variation of what has come to be my basic bonnet pattern. Slightly flared brim (vastly more becoming than the mailbox style) with a gathered on curtain, cut separately from the brim or crown.

I put a ruffle on the edge of these, just because I was bored with the vandyked edge I usually make. My favorite is the blue-grey one. I'd like to make another for myself but the remaining yardage is destined to become an 1860's dress for Benjamin.

The only really exciting occurrence this week is that our baby turned one month old. She gained almost two pounds during her first month and grew an inch in length.

She's getting cuter. Newborns are generally unpleasant looking creatures but she is travelling beyond that point now.