Sunday, March 30, 2014

A New Cover for the Bassinet

One of the final things to do before the arrival of the baby was to open the old attic trapdoor, ascend the ladder and retrieve the bassinet from the dim, spooky place where it has been stored since Anne's infancy. When brought into the flood of sunlight in the room below, it was apparent that the bassinet would need a new cover. The old poly/cotton eyelet one was dingy and threadbare and it was time for a fresh look.

I usually co sleep with my babies but a bassinet has been indispensable in the past for non-nighttime napping. Its portable and small enough to put almost anywhere. So it was fun to sew up a new cover that would fit in with nearly every room in the house. All the fabrics came from my stash, so it was a free project. :)

For the outside I used a few yards of super soft grey wool. It has a slightly shiny appearance and a beautiful drape. I intended this to be for my maternity hobbit coat, but at this point, (35 weeks) anything maternity seems a bit silly. It was perfect for the bassinet though! The inside is of pale blue cotton with the seam sewn with a dark blue cotton welt.

I wasn't going to add a skirt, but in the end covering up the white metal frame looked much better than not. I sewed a modest tube of the wool, bound it top and bottom in dark blue cotton, and pleated it to fit. To attach it I hand stitched it to the outer layer of the bed.

I covered the mattress in blue and white ticking. The whole thing can be put into the wash when need be. The grey and white and blue needed a bit of color so I made a simple 9 patch pillow for decoration. (Of course, the pillow will be removed when the bassinet is in use!)

The very last thing to finish is the new blanket for baby boy. A dear friend gave me the already-pieced fabric for Christmas and so all I need to do is quilt it. Its incredibly soft and cozy and I can't wait til I can wrap up my new snuggly bundle in it.

While I'm eager for the arrival of my lil bub I'm also trying to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy since once they are gone, they are gone. I think baby Anne finally realizes something is afoot and that there must be *something* in Mommy's belly that is doing all the kicking and squirming she feels when she sits on my lap. She eyes the tiny clothes and bassinet with ill- humored suspicion. Poor girlie. Hopefully she won't mind him much once he's here!

Much love,


  1. Dearest Sarah,
    Your family is so beautiful. I know you are probably going through a lot of pain still, but I want you to know that you are too beautiful and too special to 'settle' for anyone who is not supportive and a TRUE man. You and your children will make a glorious and fullfilling life, and you will be rewarded because you were strong enough to say "I deserve the best", and to carry on with grace and dignity.
    The bassinet is just charming.
    Thinking of you,

  2. Dear Sarah-
    I haven't been to visit for a while, so imagine my surprise to learn you'll
    be adding to your family very soon! I so enjoy reading of your projects,
    and this one is no exception. Your work is always impeccable, but
    everything is obviously "from the heart", too. I'll be back again soon.
    Blessings, Donna.


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