Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello dears!

It has been a while but I thank everyone who has checked up on us. We are all doing well and I will have a blog post soon (hopefully) about Anne's new 1930's frock. I have really been loving the 30's lately and since I cannot really indulge in the styles for myself at the present time, Anne is a perfect candidate for experimental dressmaking. The style I'm copying is from the dress pictured below.

I'm making it up in green linen with white accents and yesterday the silk ribbon I ordered arrived! The more subdued color is double faced satin, and the vibrant orange is hand dyed "Hannah Silk" from Bitrex Fabrics. I adore them both but think the satin ribbon looks more vintage appropriate - thoughts? The color scheme is for St. Patrick's Day, of course.

In other news we all are well. David and Judah started public school a few months ago and though I sorely miss homeschooling, this is the right fit for all of us at this time. They both love going to school and already have groups of new friends and take keen interest in the school activities. Judah is raising money next week for St. Jude and David is excited about his upcoming "Grandparent Day". Though its been a bit crazy adjusting to the schedules (they go to separate schools, since David needs a bit more extra help and attention than our little local elementary school offers) we have fallen into a good routine and the boys are blossoming.

Anne and Malachi keep me plenty busy. Anne is talking in full sentences and has a shoe, clothes and make up obsession. She loves her baby dolls and is utterly self confident and dominates her brothers like an experienced maternal figure. She IS spoiled, but then, she's the only girl. ;) She is 20 months now. She thinks she is much older.

Malachi is my right hand man while his brothers are away. He turned 5 in January. He's growing tall and slim and there is no task he will not attempt to undertake, especially if it involves tools of any kind. Full of questions and beautiful, strange thoughts. Practical to the extreme yet very poetic, he's still my baby boy. I love him so!

I've been sewing like mad but mostly for others, not me. I hope to squeeze in some fun projects when I can. In the meantime I have only a few weeks left to get things ready for the new baby. He measured in at over 4 lbs at our last check up and is big and healthy.

Love to all,


  1. Dear Sarah Jane,

    You've been on my heart a lot over the past few weeks, so it was great to see an update! I'm glad to hear that you're all doing well, and I pray that God continues to sustain you (as I know He will!).

    Can't wait to see Anne's little dress -- the 1930's had it spot-on with children's clothes, in my opinion.


  2. Dear Sarah Jane,

    Good morning! All very good news to hear. Very glad that life is settling into a good routine. You've been in my prayers and on the mind very often these last months. Your descriptions of each of each child's character and doings had me smiling and smiling. Ah, little souls, growing into little individual people.



  3. So glad you posted and that all is well! Sounds like you are settling into a good routine. Happy to hear about your wonderful family. Looking forward to seeing that new baby in a few weeks!!

  4. You and the babies have been in my heart and my prayers. Love you, my friend!

  5. Hey Sarah!

    I'm glad to get an update, too :) I've been praying for you! I hope all goes well with your birth :)


  6. I am so happy to get an update and I am so happy that you are adjusting to life well. You are making the decisions you need to make and I am sure that good will flow.

  7. It's so good to "hear" from you! I'll join the chorus in wishing you well, and a safe and peaceful delivery.

  8. So glad to hear that you are all doing well! Praying for the safe arrival of your next little one! :)

  9. Thank you for the update! I've been checking. You and yours have been in my thoughts. I'm glad to read that life is settling a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing Anne's dress. I'm sending you hugs, blessings, prayers and so much positive energy for a good arrival for your new little son.

  10. Glad to see you post again! I've been wondering how you were doing and I'm happy to see that things are smoothing a some for you all. Have a wonderful week and hopefully you'll be able to do some sewing for yourself soon once baby boy comes. I'm interested in seeing more of your 1930s sewing projects! I myself like the practicality of the 30s and hope to make something soon.

  11. I'm so pleased to hear you're all doing well ... I've been wondering how you were.

    Love the 1930s myself, and that dress you're copying for Anne is adorable.

  12. Dear Sarah,

    I am so happy to hear some good news about you. I was thinking of you those past months, hoping that everything gonna be allright for you and your kids.
    I send you all my love from France !


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